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Post Thu Jan 09, 2014 2:11 pm
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Please be aware that all guidelines listed below apply to ALL parts of the website, from the forums to the CBoxes and PM systems, and ALL users are required to adhere to them, including admins, moderators, and the site owners themselves. There will be ZERO TOLERANCE for mod and power abuse.

The number one goal of everyone on this site should be to be friendly and respectful.
Nobody likes mean people! Always try to be courteous and respectful of other people's feelings! There is no reason why we all can't be friends!

This means that nobody should be subject to trolling, antagonistic, instigative, or otherwise toxic behavior. Trying to elicit a negative response from others at all is generally a bad thing, and is highly discouraged! Depending on the severity, it can even be bannable. There is no way around this, even "technically" operating under the rules. This kind of behavior is to be determined by the hopefully unbiased admin and moderation team.

This also means that discrimination against any individual or group by means of sex, race, beliefs, etc is NOT ALLOWED! We want to be welcome and open to people of ALL walks of life, and just because someone is different doesn't mean that they can't belong!

We believe that no form of art should be censored. That said, please keep NSFW art in the NSFW section of the site!
Any NSFW work posted outside of the designated areas will be moved with a fair warning. Of course, if this is done intentionally or repeatedly, we reserve the right to temporarily, or even permanently ban your account!

To access the NSFW forums, go into your user control panel, go into Usergroups, and add yourself to the "Allow NSFW" group. The NSFW forums should become visible.

However, there is one thing that we can't hold reliability for. NSFW video or photography is absolutely not allowed on the site! There's no way of telling how old the individuals are, or even knowing who they are! There is too much at risk for you, the users, and the community, so this can't be something we can allow.

Please don't get us or yourselves in trouble with the law!
Believe it or not, there ARE laws for the internet, or at least, laws still apply here, and it's generally a good idea to follow them.

So, Please do not engage in piracy or any illegal behavior!

I'm going to finish this later when it's not 6 AM and I need to work when wake up. This should cover the important stuff for now. Have fun!

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