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Post Sun Apr 08, 2018 4:15 am
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1. How old are they and do they act their age? Do they mind being that old or are they clinging to their youth? Perhaps they are old before their time?
2. What was their childhood like? How do they get on with their relatives? Are their parents still alive, and if not what happened?
3. What kind of relationships do they have with others? Do they have a partner, and if so is it a happy relationship? Do they have lots of friends or are they more of a recluse?
4. What hobbies and passions do they have? Find out what they love to do.
5. What makes them happiest?
6. What makes them most afraid?
7. What makes them angry?
8. What was the best moment of their lives? What was the worst?
9. Their biggest secret? and who knows it?
10. Can you describe them in one word?

Post Sun Apr 08, 2018 4:38 am
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1. Youngest of the four, somewhat naiive
2. Standard childhood, got into power by luck
3. Had a relationship with a scout, she is pregnant in the roof zone
4. He cares about the stability of the clan for his family
5. He is ambitious, and wants to see the clan prosper
6. Fears the collapse of the clan
7. Waste of resources makes him angry
8. Best: when Rohan selected him to be a chieftain for his level-headedness. Worst: Once, he tried to fight a giant and lost
9. He once cheated on his pregnant SO.
10. Strappy

Post Sun Apr 08, 2018 4:48 am
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1. Quite old for a Hiir. The clan has been around much longer, though.
2. Grew up in the clan. Parents are dead by now, one was killed during a raid, the other was the old clan head. He regrets his poor relationships with his parents when they were alive.
3. Friends with most of the clan, by nature of being the head chieftain. Felna and Miina are his twin daughters. His wife was killed in a raid.
4. Is deeply interested in Farragus's studies
5. Happy to see the next generation grow
6. Fears being unable to pass on his knowledge
7. He is slow to anger; he gets sad instead.
8. Worst moment was when his wife died. Best moment was the birth of his daughters.
9. Occasionally, he steals extra food. Moe gets on him about it.
10. Passive

Post Tue Apr 10, 2018 12:43 am
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1. Quite old, but having a life crisis.
2. Both parents died comfortably in old age. They urged him to pursue higher education, and now he frantically studies magic in hopes of making a breakthrough.
3. Mostly a recluse, but he acts professionally around his students. To be fair, he is the head arcanist.
4. He studies and teaches magic as a profession, but he secretly hates it. He likes to play Constanine Chess.
5. He loves to play puzzles and thinking games.
6. Fears dying before making a meaningful contribution to the study of magic
7. He is angry that he has to babysit all these mice.
8. The best moment was when he finally got the position of head arcanist, in the grand athaneum. Very prestigious. The worst moment was immediately after, as he learned of the hiiri population the athaneum is hosting.
9. His biggest secret are the hiiri hiding in the clock tower. Only previous head arcanists know.
10. Tired.

Post Tue Apr 10, 2018 1:00 am
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1. An older Hiir. If he were a human, he would be somewhere in his 40s. He's fine with that.
2. He was the type of kid to get into a lot of fights. He would win most of them. His parents were worried about him, until Rohan picked him out as Chieftain material.
3. Although he is good for an opinion, he's somewhat manipulative without realizing it. As such, others are reluctant to talk with him. He has no romantic relationships and is aromantic. He fucks around tho.
4. He's pretty smart, and enjoys keeping inventory. When not managing the clan's resources, he looks for sparring matches.
5. He isn't happy unless he wins, be in an argument or a fight.
6. He's afraid of losing his spot with the chieftains - it's the one thing keeping him under control.
7. He gets angry when he feels cheated. He plays by the rules.
8. Best moment: After being picked by Rohan, he helped the clan get a little bump in income.
Worst moment: would be when Raoul came to claim his money during a time the clan needed it most.
9. He holds no secrets. He is apt and to the point.
10. Rude, but valuable.

Post Wed Apr 18, 2018 12:50 am
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1. Pretty young. If he were human, he would be 16 or 17. He tries to be older than that.
2. He was born on a bad night, and so he has a reputation as being "cursed" with his clan. His immediate family is neutral in stance. His father is still alive, but his mother died to illness not long after his birth.
3. He clings to good people in his life, understandably. He doesn't like being around other Hiiri.
4. He has not discovered any hobbies yet. He does like to run and play with other kids, but he has mostly outgrown that. He has been focusing a lot of math. (It turns out, he likes gardening.)
5. Being accepted makes him happy, which is why he clings to Maya. He also clings to the fable of Great Haven, which is often told to children like him.
6. He has been through a lot, so not very much scares him.
7. Unfairness makes him angry. Having been the runt of the litter for too long, he appreciates equality.
8. Best moment: Debatable
Worst moment: Further debatable
9. His real name is a secret. Only those back at Loroni know.
10. Shy.

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