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Simoia Guardian is a turn-based RPG with 6 unique playable races. Playing as each race will offer a unique experience, varying greatly in battle strategies, dialogue options, equipable items, and available attacks and skills. The race you play as will even affect which locations you can enter, which party members you can recruit, and even major points in the plot.

There are eight stats:
Health, Spirit, Morale, Attack, Will, Defense, Agility, and Charisma.

Heath (HP) is pretty self-explanatory; Take hits, and your HP will go down. If your main character runs to 0, then it's game over for you.

Spirit (SP) is what you spend to execute special skills and attacks. If you're running low on SP, you won't be able to do much more than your basic attacks. It can be restored by waiting for it to replenish, or by using an item.

Morale is incredibly important. It affects almost everything you do in battle, from the difficulty of landing or avoiding an attack, to how much damage you can take or receive. At 0% morale, your character is tired and flimsy, making it almost impossible to land or avoid a hit. They'll be slow and take their turns after others, and may not even move at all. Even if they do manage to land an attack, the resulting damage will be unimpressive. Party members with low morale run the risk of leaving you. Similarly, at 100% morale, your character is pumped full of energy, land and avoid hits easily, move quickly before others, and deal massive damage. Characters with high morale can even take extra turns, and party members will continue to follow you even if you enter areas or conditions that are unfavorable for them. Over time, morale will always deviate towards the standard 50%. It's always important to keep morale in check; it can be lowered by failing to avoid hits, and raised by successfully landing your own. Many skills and items also have an effect on morale.

Attack (ATK) acts as a multiplier for how much physical damage a character can deal. The higher it is, the stronger you'll hit.

Will (WIL) is similar to ATK, but it affects magical attacks rather than physical. The higher it is, the more effective your magical attacks will be, and the more potent your healing moves and buffs will be.

Defense (DEF) counteracts the effects of an attacking character's ATK or WIL. The higher your DEF, the less damage you'll take from enemies.

Agility (AGI) determines first and foremost who takes the first move. It also makes it easier to land and avoid attacks.

Charisma (CHR) is largely unused in combat. Its main function is to give your characters better prices in shops, and to allow you more dialogue options when recruiting members into your party. However, there are also alcoholic beverages that your character can drink, which will drain your CHR and redistribute it to your other stats.

There are six main races in Simoia:
Sparsens, Humans, Torills, Hiiri, Hawrens, and Rozo.

All Races


Sparsens are well rounded characters, and are the easiest race to play as, though they tend to live very expensive lifestyles.

Sparsens are inorganic beings, having evolved separately alongside the rest of the animal kingdom. Their bodies have an entirely different chemistry to that of other races, and thus, do not have to compete for resources with others; only amongst themselves. One would think it would be easy to take advantage of such a unique group... but in the times of antiquity, groups of roaming Sparsens have been known to attack violently those who so much as looked at them funny. Other races learned to leave them alone, and in turn, the Sparsens left them alone. This made travel easy for the Sparsens, who spread out across the globe unopposed. The settled in just fine amongst the other races. Because their needs are so different, it wasn't too hard to share the land, instead of fight for power. With their widespread coverage of the planet, and slowly strengthening connections between groups, Sparsens quickly became the dominant race of Simoia. They found it easy to become traders and merchants, transferring goods across the globe. It was due to their services of trade and communication that Simoia so quickly evolved into the land that it is today.

A Sparsen is a very hardy creature. While they aren't quite the best at everything, they do well in all areas, in terms of battle. Their violent tendencies still show themselves even today, though only in some individuals; the vast majority are very calm and collected. While interacting with them is much more understood in the modern era, those few unstable Sparsens are regarded as the reason why they had such a loose-trigger reputation throughout history. Because of the shapes of their bodies, there are not very many pieces of clothing they can wear, and their differing biological chemistry requires that they use different foods and healing items. Their biology is not very well understood by other races; some scientists estimate there are at least three genders.


Humans are built to hit the enemy from the inside out, making great use of their magical skills to afflict their foes with status ailments. They largely rely on their high spirit and will stats.

Humans are best known for their magical abilities. Of all the magic-using creatures of Simoia, Humans have the most direct connections to their inner spirit pools, allowing them to manipulate the environment and elements around them almost independently of their own bodies. They are powerful fighters... but with power comes a greed for more. Humans believe that they are their gods' chosen people, as supported by their magical prowess, that all the land is rightfully theirs, and fit to control however they wish. As a result, they are constantly butting heads with other races in their quest for power; the one exception being the Torills, who have their respect for being the second-most magically fluent creatures in the world. If there was one race the Humans clashed against the most, it would be the Hawrens, whose similar quests for power over land always get in their way.

Humans are very powerful fighters, with access to a huge variety of offensive skills and abilities. While not exactly well-versed in raw attack power, they can weigh down their opponents with a stew of status ailments, which often work together to bring them down to an orchestrated defeat. They tend to look down on other races, often letting their hubris get the better of them as they forget that others are better in their own areas.


Torills are very defensive characters, focusing more on the survival of the party than defeating the enemy. There wide array of healing moved and buffs make them excellent at keeping the team together, and their function as tanks and healers are well helped by their high spirit and defense stats.

A Torill is not very likely to be a sociable person. They much prefer to keep to themselves and stay away from the hubbub and politics of the world. One could even say they have a tough time coming out of their shells. Once the social barrier has been broken, however, they can be found to be among the nicest individuals you could ever meet. This is well reflected in their magical healing abilities, which is put to good use; their most major contributions to history have been of support and aid to those in need, especially after wars and natural disasters. There is one exception to this; Torills have never been known to give aid to the Rozo, who constantly disrespect them for their meekness. Ironically, the peaceful Torills have a strong relationship with the barbaric Humans, most likely due to their similar affinity with Magic... or it may simply be their compliance with Human wishes, as a strategy to avoid conflict.

Torills are fantastic at giving support in battle, with abilities that range from simple healing, to strong and complicated buffs to one's speed, ability to hit, resistance to attacks and status effects... in addition to their natural body armor and ability to take a hit. They are very hardy in combat and difficult to defeat. You will have a bit of a difficult time recruiting a Torill to your party, however; most of them tend not to stick in groups, and the sound of a rowdy adventure with other people is not likely to sound exciting to them.


Hiir are hated by everyone because they are thieves, and must live to become thieves because everyone hates them, are quick, small, hardest to fight with, have one settlement


Hawren are studious, always looking into the workings of the world around them, have superior physical fighting ability, on top of their knowledge of creatures around them, have healthy relationship with Rozo for trade and commerce, and frown upon humans ruining the environment around them that could be perfectly good for study


Rozo are charismatic, can easily trick/coerce people into doing their will, pick on Torills for not being more social, love Hawrens for their advanced foods and technologies, and are commonly found drunk

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