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Post Sat Jan 11, 2014 5:56 am
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Here is my soundcloud account!

I write mostly chiptunes. I haven't made much as of recently, but there is plenty of it to go around! Most of it I plan to use in many of my game ideas.

I started out writing music with this funny little tool called PXTone. It was made by Pixel, the same person who made Cave Story. The music in Cave Story is made by another, older one of his programs called Org Maker. PXTone comes with all the same sounds that Org Maker used, and I quickly grew attatched to them.

When I later switched over to FL Studio, I imported all the sounds over. I've been using them ever since!

And of course, ALL of my music is available to download, for free!

This is what I believe to be my best work. It's much different from most of my work in that it's actually a full song, rather than a simple loop with an intro. It's a pretty jazzy tune, with a bit of a solo I added in, that could almost take up a third of the whole song. I could probably make a whole album of songs if I keep doing stuff like this!

This is my most popular song, by far. Written in PXTone, this one was also very experimental, especially with chord progressions and drum beats. I think this is the first song I wrote starting with the chords. I put a lot of time making sure there was variance in the percussion tracks, which is something I haven't been doing too often lately.

This was also my most popular song for a while. More people talk about this one than any other song of mine. Honestly, I can see why; it's one of my most serene and relaxing tunes to date. This was also written in PXTone, and uses the same chord progression as Living Ruin. In fact, it has the same treble part, at least in the beginning. I've used this a lot as an example in teaching my friends how I write my music; it is easily dissembled into its tracks, and it's easy to hear the different parts.

Moving to FL Studio gave the the capability of using Soundfonts. I really like instruments in Kirby's Dreamland 3, and use those quite often. I get them from this website. I think this song is the best example of what I can do with these.

This is my most recent work, made sometime late November of 2014. I had started to write this on FL Studio's mobile app over Thanksgiving, and later, I imported it to my computer and fixed all the sounds to my usual style of music. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to import my own sounds to that thing.

Post Fri Jan 31, 2014 12:08 pm
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LOOK AT WHAT I JUST FINISHED WOW PLEASE IT'S SO BEEN SO LONG AND ITS SOO AMAZINGGGGG AND SIX MINUTES WOW actually probably more like 3 because its basically doubled in length for presentability

also for some reason soundcloud has been bitcrushing my music more and more. I think it's probably because I'm just 8 minutes away from the 2 hour mark

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