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Post Sat May 13, 2017 7:43 pm
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They continue to watch you with eagle eyes. Climbing probably wasn't the best choice of actions. You curse your inability to stay calm in stressful situations like this. You try not to listen to the things they say, but when you do, all you hear is unpleasantries that range from "What are you doing here?" to the more extreme "Don't dare show your face in the daylight."


The voices grow in number, and you can sense a crowd is forming. "How are you alive?" "Is sitting there looking useless all you do?" "Go pick somewhere else to skulk."

You hate it. You wish you had never left that pile of scarves in the cart this morning, and moreover, you wish you had never left Loroni. You could have made it on your own in that town, but never in a metropolis such as this. Your stomach turns at the thought that you've almost died once already to the cold, and now what could be dozens of patricians are staring at you cornered against the wall,

But then you notice that a majority of the voices are repeating some strangely benevolent things. "Are you lost? Do you know where you are?"


You open your eyes. There is no crowd before you after all, but you still hear the voices. The two shopkeepers are simply talking amongst themselves, and yet you still here a varying array of voices.

On pole

They're coming from behind you.

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